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Answer the most frequent questions about the new Honor Band 6

Huawei Band 6

We have studied what our readers (and not only) ask the most about the new Huawei Band 6, and now we answer the most frequent questions.

Honor Band 6 is a smartwatch or a fitness bracelet?

Something in between. Judging by the screen size (1.47″diagonal), the model is closer to a smartwatch. For comparison, the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE have a screen diagonal of 1.57″. The difference is minimal. Therefore, on the Honor Band 6 it is convenient to read messages and notifications, and the dials contain a lot of useful information. However, there is no way to install third-party apps and answer calls. In this regard, the device is closer to bracelets. But it also works on battery much longer than a full-fledged smart watch.

What’s in the box?

The bracelet comes with a USB charging cable, instructions and a warranty card. There is no mains adapter included (for charging, you will need any charger with a standard USB output or a computer with an appropriate connector).

What’s new compared to the previous model?

The main difference is, of course, the much larger screen. But it is also important that due to the increase in the size of the case, the manufacturer was able to equip the model with a more capacious battery, so it lasts longer than the Honor Band 5 – 8-9 days with active use versus 6 days for the previous generation.

Can I download additional watch faces to the bracelet?

Yes, this is done through the Health app. The bracelet itself contains only a few dials, but in the mobile application there are many times more of them – at the time of testing we counted 85. And yes, most of them are free.

Is it possible to put the photo I took on the dial of the bracelet?

Yes, and this is done very easily – again via a smartphone app. On the device page in “Health”, click on “Dials”, in the menu that opens, we see the Gallery dial. We select it, we see a miniature empty window with a plus at the bottom, click on it, select any picture from the smartphone’s gallery, crop it with the built-in tool (this is elementary) and load it. You will have to wait a few seconds when loading.

Is there a difference between the watch faces in terms of battery consumption?

The Honor Band 6 uses an AMOLED screen. One of the features of this technology is that the black image on it practically does not consume electricity at all. Therefore, the most economical dials are those with a lot of black background. If you use your photo, then, rather, the consumption will be slightly faster. But the screen is not the most energy-consuming element of a wearable device, if you do not turn it on all the time. So it is hardly worth denying yourself the pleasure of walking with such a dial as you like, especially when you consider that the bracelet lasts more than a week on a single charge.

What smartphones is the Huawei Band 6 compatible with? Which application do you need to install?

The Honor Band 6 can be paired with Android and iOS devices. At any time, the bracelet can be paired with only one smartphone or tablet. The device is synchronized via Bluetooth with the Health app. But not all features are available on iOS (see below for more on this).

I have to leave the house, and the bracelet is dead. How long does it take to charge it in order for it to work at least until the evening?

Five minutes will be enough. And if you find 15 minutes, then the device will charge more than half. So you don’t have to worry about that for the next few days.

Is there a GPS?

Not. But during street workouts, the Honor Band 6 connects to a smartphone and takes data from its GPS, so that a track will then appear in the Health app.

How to start an outdoor workout if the Huawei Band 6 cannot see GPS?

Yes, we noticed such a problem: often the bracelet simply cannot receive data from the smartphone and asks to move to a place where there is no interference with GPS reception (although this was such a place). It turned out that the problem is solved quite simply: you need to open the mobile application and synchronize it with the bracelet.

How do I teach the Huawei Band 6 to automatically start a Walk-in-the-street workout when I leave the house?

In the Huawei Band 6 settings in the Health application, there is an option to automatically detect a workout. Works primarily for walking (but also automatically recognizes running, rowing machine, elliptical machine, etc.). Convenient if you need to travel fairly long distances and like to walk at a brisk pace. Then the bracelet will not only record steps, but will regard it as training.

What types of workouts does the bracelet support?

  • running on the street
  • Treadmill
  • walking in the street
  • bicycling
  • exercise bike
  • swimming in the pool
  • walking
  • rowing machine
  • ellipse
  • free workout

Can the Huawei Band 6 automatically track sleep?

Yes, it is automatically that he does it. You don’t have to press anything before going to bed. But there is one caveat: if you sleep for less than three hours, then a detailed analysis of the phases of sleep will not be available.

I slept more than the Huawei Band 6 shows on the graph. Where did the discrepancy come from and how to fix it?

Most likely, you slept for more hours, but woke up and performed some actions that the bracelet considered to be a full awakening. In this case, further sleep will be recorded as daytime, and the application will not take it into account in the nighttime sleep schedule. However, if you scroll down the “Sleep” section in the “Health” application, you will see the “Daytime sleep” item, where the duration of your “additional” sleep will be indicated (albeit without details).

The Huawei Band 6 has a function for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood. Why is this necessary, how to carry it out correctly and what value will be the norm?

The oxygen level in the blood is an important indicator of health, reflecting primarily the work of the lungs. In the case of pneumonia of any origin (including coronavirus), the lungs are affected and cannot supply oxygen to the blood adequately. A medical device called a pulse oximeter, which is worn on a finger, normally reads from 95% to 98%. If the value is below 90%, this is oxygen starvation, which requires hospitalization of the patient.

In the case of fitness bracelets and smartwatches, measurements are taken on the outside of the wrist, about an inch above the bone. In this case, the strap must be tightened tightly enough, but not excessively, so that the hand does not squeeze. During the measurement, you need to put your hand palm down and sit still. Then the result will be more or less believable. Each manual measurement takes 10-15 seconds. It is important to understand that smart gadgets are not medical devices, so their results should not be taken as a diagnosis. Rather, they can become an additional reason to see a doctor in case of repeated results below normal (i.e. below 95%). Results above 98% should not cause alarm.

Why am I not receiving all notifications?

Check in the device settings in the “Health” application, whether all types of notifications have the levers moved to the active side.

I do not see some of the features advertised in the menu. Why?

Perhaps because you are using an iOS smartphone. For them, for example, remote camera control, female cycle tracking and music control are not available. The maximum possibilities will be in conjunction with the Honor smartphone running the Magic UI shell.


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