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Biohacking: the doctor spoke about its benefits


Biohacking can benefit the body if you approach it wisely and under the supervision of a doctor – said a physician of the highest category, director of the Directorate for Coordination of the Activities of Medical Organizations of the Moscow Health Department, author of the book “Biohacked” Alexei Bezymyanny told RIA Novosti.

“Biohacking is one of the areas of medicine, at the junction of the interdisciplinary approach of medicine, pharmacology, sports, which came to us from the United States, when Silicon Valley startups began to test various technologies for improving health, increasing efficiency and endurance. If we approach any non-medical area , including biohacking, with the mind and under the supervision of doctors, then, of course, it is useful, because any accents with the help of information resources, materials, directions will be useful in terms of an in-depth study of your body, the characteristics of the body, in general, educational various programs, so that a person not only learns from doctors what is happening to his body, but he himself knows the processes of how to react when something is wrong with the body”, – Bezymyanny said.

Alexei Bezymyanny

According to Alexei Bezymyanny, a large number of doctors are using biohacking to check patients and develop a health management program.

“In fact, biohacking served as a reason for the young, active, intelligent population to turn to doctors, primarily for diagnostics, because people began to earn money at a young age with their intellectual work – and they realized that they want to be smart about not only making money, but also to their own health. Here biohacking came to their aid as one of the technologies for improving health” – the doctor added.

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