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FIMI X8 Mini Review

FIMI X8 Mini

The Xiaomi FIMI X8 MINI is a lightweight drone designed to compete with the DJI Mini 2. The 242 grams drone with Pro battery is an excellent competitor to the DJI drone. In this article, I will take a look at the drone and highlight the important features and updates.

Small drones (less than 250 grams) do not require registration to fly in most countries of the world. This is the reason why most hobbyists choose to fly small drones with little compromises. A great example of such a drone is the DJI MINI 2. The drone comes with a 4K camera and is available for around 440 Euros. Thus, a significant advantage of buying an X8 MINI drone is that it is not registered in most countries (including the US).

FIMI X8 Mini

FIMI is a lesser known brand in most of the world. But the company is growing every year with the release of drones like the FIMI A3, FIMI X8 SE 2020 and Xiaomi MI 4k Drone. Now the announcement of the FIMI X8 MINI has added a new 242g drone to the catalog.

However, buyers should be careful with the drone’s Pro battery. If you buy a LiPO-based Pro battery, the flight weight is 242 grams. A standard battery will have a flight weight of 258 grams.

The FIMI X8 Mini Drone is a necessary step up from the FIMI X8 Se (excellent camera drone 2018-2020). It perfectly mimics the success of the DJI MINI series with the same body design and performance. So, as a competitor, we will see improvements that compete with DJI.

Before launching, the company has no clear indication as to why they come with two batteries. Both batteries are similar to the powerful batteries (Standard: 2400mAh, Pro: 2200mAh).


The new FIMI drone is available in two colors: cool orange and white. Orange is easy to spot in the sky. The miniature foldable drone fits easily in the palm of your hand. The design is similar to the DJI MINI drones. The drone is equipped with brushless motors, foldable propellers with air intake to keep the drone cool.


FIMI X8 Mini Baterry

A standard FIMI X8 MINI battery will provide you with about 30 minutes of flight time. And the lighter, professional version will provide 31 minutes of flight.

So now, choosing the right battery is the key to making your drone weigh less than 250 grams.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to look twice when buying a battery for a drone, as with a standard battery, the drone weighs over 250 grams (258 grams). Thus, customers will have to register their drones. But if you choose a professional battery, it will reduce the weight of the drone to 242 grams.

The batteries can be charged using the Type-C USB port, providing 3A fast charging.



Range comparison of the upgraded version is similar to the older version of the FIMI drone. But this is 2km less than the DJI MINI 2. The FIMI X8 MINI can fly for 8 km with a strong signal.

3-axis mechanical gimbal

The camera is stabilized using a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. It’s much better than electronic image stabilization.

Wind resistance

FIMI X8 MINI Wind resistance

The new FIMI X8 MINI can withstand winds of up to 38 km/h as it has a level 5 wind resistance. Strong winds are a serious problem for light drone owners. But in this case, you can quickly fly your FIMI drone without worry.

The new FIMI drone will also warn you of the wind and will return home on its own. In addition, the drone returns home if the battery runs out.

GPS and sensors

FIMI X8 MINI comes with GLONASS satellite system, GPS and BEIDOU. With the transducer facing downward, flight accuracy increases at 10 m above the ground.

4K HDR video

Competing with the DJI MINI 2, the FIMI MINI is also equipped with 4K and a three-axis gimbal. Along with this, the drone comes with HDR video, so better exposed footage in dark areas. 4K video on the FIMI X8 MINI is shot at 30fps and 100Mbps.

FIMI X8 MINI Follow Me Mode

The new FIMI MINI drone also supports follow me mode. But this is not about avoiding shipping obstacles. In one-touch mode, the drone can easily take simple pictures. You just need to tap on the screen where you want the drone to go.

The best part is the time-lapse feature and you can stream your footage live.


The new X8 Mini comes with a zoom mode with SAR mode. With a 4K camera, you can take perfect zoom shots with your drone. In addition, with the AL algorithm, you can take perfect pictures in night mode.

FIMI X8 MINI night mode


The centerpiece for buying this drone is the price, which is about $150 less than the DJI MINI 2 ($500). Alternatively, you can get a Pro battery that can cost you an extra $50. However, it will be $100 less than the DJI drone. You can buy the new FIMI X8 Mini drone from international stores. The price of the FIMI X8 MINI on Banggood is $449.


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