FPGA Foundation Formed to Accelerate Widespread Adoption of Programmable Logic

This week, the Open-Source FPGA Foundation (OSFPGA) announced its creation. This is a non-profit organization whose activities will be aimed at raising awareness around the world about open source technology and accelerating its widespread adoption. OSFPGA members plan to democratize and promote FPGA technologies, providing an open, user-centric environment for collaboration.

The open source technology is expected to become critical for FPGA companies and help empower the industry by sharing innovations and best practices. OSFPGA will offer a set of free tools, monitoring their quality and compliance with industry standards, as well as the availability of fully open source code. The organization will assist in solving software and hardware problems related to FPGAs, as well as in building the confidence of commercial users that open source hardware and software is a safe and long-term choice. OSFPGA will also work to provide the broad educational opportunities necessary for the development of its technologies.

For OSFPGA, a framework has been selected that has already been tested in other open source projects. It includes a board of directors, technical steering committees, and industry and academic representatives.