Gaming Redmi K40 received a huge cooling system with the use of spacecraft materials

Redmi has published a new teaser dedicated to the gaming Redmi K40. This time, the image is dedicated to the cooling system, and a text description on the official Weibo page says that this model, for the first time in the industry, will use the materials of a spacecraft. We will find out which ones exactly during the presentation of the model on April 27.

But it is already known that the area of the cooling system (as a rule, it is taken for the evaporation chamber or heat pipe, or all together) it is 11540 mm2, and this is quite a lot (it even covers the area of the cellular antenna). Also in the cooling subsystem of the SoC MediaTek Dimension 1200, on the basis of which the smartphone is built, graphene is used.

Despite the fact that the gaming Redmi K40 will not be expensive (it is expected that the cost of the basic version will not exceed the $ 305 mark), its body was not saved: the back panel is decorated with glass, and the side frame is metal.

Some of the characteristics of this model are already known. So, it received a triple camera with a main sensor with a resolution of 64 MP and a 5000 mAh battery with support for fast charging with a power of 67 Watts. The display is an AMOLED Samsung E4 (latest generation) with a frame rate of 144 Hz. The performance of this model in AnTuTu is already known.