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Huawei will no longer bundle smartphones with a free charger


Huawei will stop bundling its smartphones with free accessories. This is reported in the account of fans of the brand on Weibo.

According to sources, the company intends to exclude the charging adapter from the set of new smartphones. Thus, Huawei will not only repeat the decision of Apple, Samsung and other phone manufacturers, but also significantly save on the release of smartphones. According to experts, thanks to such a solution, the Chinese company will be able to save millions of dollars.

At the same time, the main reason for refusing a free accessory is not so much a desire to save money or concern for the environment, but rather a shortage in the semiconductor market. According to sources, Huawei’s chargers also use microprocessors, a shortage of which has been acutely felt in recent months. The Chinese company is expected to sell the charging adapters separately.

Most likely, Huawei will make it a rule to release smartphones without a charger with the release of the flagship P50, which is expected in May. At the same time, the company has previously abandoned the complete charger as an experiment in the Huawei Nova 8 and Huawei Mate 40 smartphones.

At the beginning of the year, Samsung introduced a new flagship series of smartphones without chargers included. One of the first in the market to refuse free phone accessories was Apple, which announced this decision in mid-October 2020 at the presentation of the iPhone 12. Representatives of the company explained the unpopular step among smartphone consumers with concern for the environment.


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