Microsoft has added a performance mode to Edge that speeds up the browser in Windows 10

In addition, Microsoft Edge has the ability to add text to any PDF file opened in the browser.

The latest test build of Microsoft Edge Canary for Windows 10 has two new features. The first is the performance mode, and the second is the ability to add text to PDF files.

The new performance mode in Microsoft Edge is part of a future update that should be rolled out soon. But browser users can already enable this feature in Edge Canary version 91.0.856.0 and higher. This is done using the command:

–Enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle

Microsoft Edge

The function description reads as follows:

“Performance mode helps optimize speed, responsiveness, memory, CPU, and battery usage. Improvements may vary depending on your individual characteristics and browser settings.”

When you activate performance mode, another feature is automatically disabled — “sleep” tabs, which puts them into sleep mode after they are not used for a long time.

Microsoft Edge

Another new feature is available in Microsoft Edge Canary version 91.0.859.0. It allows you to add text to any PDF file opened in the browser. Previously, Microsoft Edge only allowed you to draw in PDF documents on touch-screen devices.