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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: 10 signs that you need this smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If at least 8 of these 10 important reasons are right for you, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is definitely your choice. The question of choosing a new phone in these times does not arise too often, but regularly. For some, this period takes six months, for others – and five or six years (why change what works normally and fully satisfies current needs). Unforeseen events related to the loss, theft or damage of a smartphone make their adjustments. Usually, everyone imagines the buyer of a flagship smartphone like the Galaxy S21 Ultra as high-income people who can afford to buy every new generation of smartphone. But in practice, not least due to the active development of all kinds of installments, almost everyone can buy a flagship smartphone if they wish. How to understand – do you need this smartphone? Here are 10 signs to help you understand this.

You have high requirements for the quality of the display

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra high quality display

The display is the first thing we pay attention to in a smartphone. Each new generation of Galaxy has raised the level of display technology to the next level. The Galaxy S21 Ultra uses a technology called Dynamic AMOLED 2X. This is the latest generation of AMOLED screens, a more advanced technology simply does not exist. Its maximum brightness reaches 1500 nits, and its contrast ratio is 3,000,000:1. Samsung’s display design is called Infinity-O, which means a borderless screen with curved edges. The diagonal of the screen is 6.8 inches, the aspect ratio is 20: 9, the resolution is 3200×1440 pixels, the refresh rate is up to 120 hertz. All together, this gives a bright, juicy picture with the most smooth menu animation and high detail (pixel density reaches 515 dpi). At the same time, it is possible to adjust the screen by three color points, turn on the blue filter to less tire the eyes, which is confirmed by the “Eye Care Certification” certificate of the Swiss company SGS. Another certificate issued for this smartphone by VDE Germany, it confirms 100% coverage in the DCI-P3 color space. Finally, the smartphone screen uses Gorilla Glass Victus — this is the latest generation of protective coatings from Sogpin, with even more increased strength: this protection is able to withstand a fall from a height of up to 2 meters. That is, buying a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you can be sure that there are no better technologies for smartphone displays in 2021.

2. Looking for uncompromising and highest possible performance

We have repeatedly written that the issue of performance of flagship smartphones (and its downside-battery life, which with the growing number of installed applications has become an equation with many dozen variables) has become difficult to assess for several years, if only because if ten years ago the difference between the current and previous generations was easily visible to the naked eye, now it is impossible to determine by eye. Synthetic benchmark tests show a steady increase in scores every year, but 99.9% of people on the planet do not say anything at all — no one keeps them in their head to compare. How to evaluate the performance of a smartphone and the processor installed in it in such a situation? Promovideo of the processor shows its unprecedented performance with the help of multitasking, launching more and more new processes.

But in fact, with Exynos 2100 installed in all smartphones of the Galaxy S21 series, just everything is simple. This is the first processor in the company’s history made using 5-nanometer technology. Each transition to a new technology leads to a decrease in energy consumption (and an increase in energy efficiency, but we are starting to use the smartphone more — world statistics show a constant increase in the hours of smartphone use by humanity per day — and this advantage is leveled, creating the illusion that nothing has changed, which we mentioned earlier). This is the first processor in which a 5G modem is integrated inside the case, so there are no versions of the Galaxy S21 series without 5G support.

For many countries, the issue of 5G networks will not be relevant for at least a couple of years, but this drawback has a good side – Remember the time of the launch of 3G, when the issue of 3G support in the smartphone was not at all, because the others did not exist for a long time. For those who are slightly better versed in the architecture of processors, it is worth remembering that the Exynos 2100 is an 8-core processor with a layout of cores 1+3+4 used for tasks that require different levels of performance. The high-performance Cortex X1 core with a frequency of 2.9 GHz is used for the most “heavy” tasks, 3 Cortex-A78 cores with a frequency of 2.8 GHz are used for less complex tasks, and 4 Cortex — A55 cores are used for low-level tasks, including a standby state in which all applications can continue to run in the background. As a result, if you need a smartphone with the highest possible performance, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has it exactly like this.

3. You need portraits? Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra one of the best

Galaxy S21 Ultra portrait shot

In terms of portrait photography, Samsung smartphones are now, perhaps, ahead of the rest of the planet. We have already written in detail about our three favorite shooting modes in Samsung cameras and separately about the new features of the “Portrait” mode. In it, you can fully experience exactly what opportunities are provided by the set of technologies hidden behind the letters AI. In fact, the process is complex — it consists of neuroprocessors (NPU), separately processing neural network data (by the way, the Exynos 2100 NPU with three cores), support on the operating system side, and the operation of proprietary algorithms of the smartphone manufacturer. But all this is long and difficult to explain, so it is more convenient for everyone to explain all this with the presence of artificial intelligence (AI). So the portrait mode settings allow you to get hundreds (!) of options for the image, applying certain processing filters after shooting directly from the camera app or more precisely from the Gallery.

4. Practice photo hunting

Optical zoom in cameras was an unattainable dream at the dawn of mobile photography, 15 years ago. One of the world’s first attempts to create a mobile camera with zoom was the 2008 Samsung G810. Then there were attempts to cross the camera with a smartphone like the Galaxy S4 Zoom in 2013 (by the way, no one except Samsung ever dared to do such an experiment). Then there were smartphones with two and three cameras, differing in different focal lengths, which made it possible to simulate zoom. But the real zoom in smartphone cameras appeared together with the lens according to the “periscope” scheme, which is equipped with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

This allows for a 10x optical zoom (I, a user of a digital camera with an 8x zoom camera in 2002, even still find it difficult to realize this without trembling). And together with the capabilities of the 108-megapixel matrix of the main camera of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, this allows you to achieve a 100-fold approximation to the subject. At the same time, the difference with an ultra-wide-angle lens becomes even greater — look at the images from above, successively taken with an ultra-wide lens, the main wide-angle, with a 3x zoom, then 10x, and finally 100x, in which it is not easy to keep the subject in the viewfinder. All this allows us to assume that today there are no more advanced photo shooting capabilities in smartphone cameras than in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

5. Finally decided to start a video blog and learn how to shoot like Tarantino

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra video

We were so imbued with the new mode of directorial filming that we wrote a separate text about it. This is a real find for everyone who wants to do mobile video filming and (especially) maintain their own video blog. During shooting, you can record from the main and front cameras (in two versions – with a split screen and with a “picture in picture”). You can enable live preview from three lenses and see how the frame will look during shooting, even before switching the camera lens. Here are just incredible opportunities for a smartphone! And it’s even a little strange that no one thought of this before. We sure that in a couple of years, such an interface solution will become a generally accepted standard (and we, once again, will see how market leaders form trends in the industry).

On a level like Samsung, there is no other smartphone manufacturer’s video capabilities. But there is also a portrait video mode with filters and several options for blurring the background. And the mode of professional video shooting, in which (by analogy with the familiar mode for photographing) you can manually control the camera settings, not trusting the automation. For example, shooting a video with a changing focus is not such a rare technique for operators, is it? It is now available on a smartphone as well.

6. Want to shoot at night as during the day

Samsung S21 Ultra night shot

Night photography is the new holy grail of mobile photography. In a situation where on a sunny summer day you can get a good picture from any “iron”, it is easier to evaluate the capabilities of a smartphone camera by its ability to shoot at night, when there is little or no light. We easily captured this image of the Moon (not in daylight, of course) with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 10x zoom and then cropped out a portion of the Earth satellite image for even more detail. Because just shooting outdoors at night can be as easy as during the day if you have a smartphone with these capabilities.

This result is achieved even more sophisticated than simple HDR algorithms and the best results are achieved when shooting in a special night mode. Most importantly, the smartphone does not need to be mounted on a tripod – smart algorithms compensate for the inevitable hand shake. Now we waiting for the appearance of the night mode for video in smartphones – this is the only thing we miss in the smartphone camera so far. At the same time, there will be something to do with their excess performance, because shooting video in multiple exposures in real time is not at all like shooting a photo with different exposures. But there is a feeling that we will see such a technological miracle in the near future.

7. Love to paint? Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – your choice

S21 Ultra painting

We also devoted a separate text to the possibilities of using the S Pen in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, who are curious – they can return to it. Here we will just say that the ability to draw, of course, is not given to everyone (to be honest, it is not given to me). But there are not so few such people. And there are even more of those who do not know how to draw, but want to learn. And here the S Pen, together with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, open up tremendous opportunities for creativity. The special PENUP application contains video tutorials with templates that will help you master this tricky (for me) science with real examples. And in general, even in our age of transition to digital workflow and all these digital organizer diaries, there are still a lot of people who want and / or prefer to keep records by hand. If you are one of those, you should definitely pay attention to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

8. Are you in need of the fastest Internet

6E certified

Fast Internet today is becoming as much a part of our life and an everyday need as a comfortable bed, healthy food, home appliances like a vacuum cleaner, a refrigerator with a washing machine and a dishwasher. Our Internet needs at home, at work and even on the street are constantly growing: we watch a lot of videos from mobile devices, our games are played online (hello mobile esports). Accordingly, support for all the latest technologies related to both data transfer rates and reduced network response is growing. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the world’s first smartphones to support the latest Wi-Fi 6E protocol, which specifications appeared in January this year. And although routers with Wi-Fi 6E support are not on sale yet, they will definitely appear.

At this point, we will skip the fruitless discussion about which should appear first – the chicken or the egg, because the smartphone is already there, and the routers will certainly not keep you waiting long. Here you can also add in passing about 5G support, which the Galaxy S21 Ultra already has, because the 5G modem, as we said, is an integral part of the Exynos 2100 processor installed in the smartphone. Thus, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will receive additional benefits when 5G networks arrive. In extreme cases, no one and nothing will prevent you from using them abroad, getting gigabit data transfer speeds in your smartphone.

9. You want Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to anticipate your actions

Who among us has not dreamed that someone could read our thoughts and anticipate our desires? They say that artificial intelligence is a master at anticipating needs that people don’t even know about yet. It sounds fantastic, but in practice it is true — algorithms use big data and build their forecasts based on the actions of millions of people. After all, if people act the same way in the same situation, then there is a high probability that you will do the same. Of course, all these algorithms are actually more complex and take into account a lot of factors, but they are used in a unique feature for Samsung smartphones-Bixby scenarios or Bixby Routines, which so impressed me with their potential for bringing a fantastic future to reality that we dedicated a separate text to them. We are talking about constantly improving (we am now seeing the third version in less than a year) scenarios that not only offer the best practices for using a smartphone, but also allow the user to edit them (or create new ones, their own). As a result, when we get in car, the smartphone connects via Bluetooth to the car’s multimedia system, launches Spotify with a pre-set music playlist, and Google maps for navigation, and the sound settings activate Dolby Atmos. Already, a smartphone with a version of the proprietary One UI 3.1 shell offers dozens of typical scenarios. And the lists of conditions or actions of the smartphone related to the settings of the display, sound, wireless connections, and so on, number dozens of items. This all really allows the smartphone to automatically perform some work, simulating the real actions of the user in different situations. And all this is available in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

10. You do not accept compromises

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If you are one of those rare types of people who are not used to denying themselves anything, and who strive to surround themselves with the best of existing things, then the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is for you. Moreover, its advantages include not only advanced technology, but also design. It is recognizable, thanks to a very successful, in our opinion, solution with the placement of the camera module in the form of a “shoulder”, and not, for example, the repulsive appearance of a gas burner. This smartphone will invariably draw attention to itself on people, attracting their views. Someone probably considers this state of affairs “unnecessary show-offs”, but let’s honestly admit that it is time for our society to get rid of childhood growth diseases and stop considering the ability to earn money (and the desire to spend it as you see fit) as something shameful and vicious. The vices can be attributed to money as an end in itself, but not the desire to live here and now, without putting off all the good things that can happen in life, for tomorrow.

Three Real Reasons to Buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  1. For several years in a row you have been buying another model of the Galaxy S series in the maximum configuration (here God himself ordered, as they say)
  2. You got a new job (promotion, first real job) and are ready to buy a flagship branded smartphone to celebrate
  3. You need to upgrade your old smartphone to something cutting edge, you are not on a budget, and you are allergic to iOS

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