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Telegram for Android received an official version with pirated content


Pavel Durov was never satisfied with the formats of traditional app stores like the App Store and Google Play. He couldn’t come to terms with the commission they charge developers or the software publishing rules. However, until recently, Durov simply expressed his dissatisfaction, but did not take any measures to counter the established foundations. On the contrary, he regularly obeyed the requirements that were imposed on Telegram, and deliberately limited its development. But now everything will be different.

An alternative version of the messenger for Android appeared on the official Telegram website yesterday. It will only be distributed through the website and will never appear on Google Play. No, this is the same app as traditional Telegram. It’s just that the version from the site will be available only in APK format, will have fewer restrictions than the classic one, and will be updated more often and faster.

Free download APK Telegram for Android

Download the APK version of Telegram from the site is easy:

  1. Follow this link from your smartphone;
  2. Click on the “Download” button and wait for the download;
  3. Open Chrome and go to “Downloaded Files”;
  4. Install the Telegram APK file and log in.

The main restriction that has been removed in the new version of Telegram is the restriction on the placement of pirated content. That is, users will be able to upload, download, and interact with non-medical content in any way they want. Neither their content, nor the content itself, nor the sources of its distribution will be blocked, and users will be able to download what they want, absolutely free of charge.

In the official versions of Telegram for the App Store and Google Play, there are no such liberties. There, moderators are forced to block the sources of distribution of pirated content, so as not to fly out of stores. This rule should be especially strictly observed in the App Store, because Apple is very sensitive to copyright and has repeatedly made claims to Telegram for indulging in piracy.

This bot is unavailable due to a violation

From the point of view of the interface, Telegram from Google Play and from the site are no different. But from the point of view of available content – which is logical – they are different. If you try to open the Flibusta channel with pirated books from the regular version, you will receive a notification that it is unavailable due to copyright infringement. But from the APK version – everything will be available without restrictions.

Another advantage of Telegram, which is distributed through the service’s website, is faster and more regular updates. It is not entirely clear whether the developers plan to develop them in parallel to each other and support non-overlapping functions, or simply be able to send updates to users’ devices directly without moderation. However, a promise is a promise – there will be more updates, and they will come more often.

Most likely, the APK version of Telegram was needed to kill two birds with one stone. First, it is, of course, to remove the restriction on interaction with pirated content. And, secondly, to put a straw in case Telegram is removed from Google Play. Of course, Google’s catalog rules are less strict than those of the App Store, but given that the search giant didn’t hesitate to remove Fortnite, it’s highly likely that the same thing could happen with Telegram.

Why does this have to happen at all? Yes, because Pavel Durov plans to start implementing paid features in Telegram. In addition to advertising, there will be additional features for both group administrators and regular users, such as paid stickers and proxy servers. And since selling them bypassing the App Store and Google Play is prohibited by the rules, Telegram would have to pay a commission, which Durov categorically does not want.

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