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Home » The FIMI X8 Mini drone is a direct competitor to the DJI Mini line

The FIMI X8 Mini drone is a direct competitor to the DJI Mini line

FIMI X8 Mini

The Chinese company FIMI, which is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, recently released a miniature folding drone X8 Mini. The drone weighing less than 250g is a direct competitor to the models of the DJI Mini line. The source notes that in the United States, drones weighing less than 250g are not subject to the registration requirement with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The drone is equipped with a camera with a CMOS image sensor manufactured by Sony. The optical format of the sensor is 1/2,6 inches, the resolution is 12 Mp. The sensor is paired with a lens, the field of view angle is 80° (EFR-26mm). Is the camera installed on a 3-axis suspension. It is capable of shooting 4K video with a frame rate of 30fps and HDR. Shooting with the F-log profile is possible. The stream rate is 100Mbit/s. The X codec is used H.265. Streaming video can be immediately published on social networks. You can also take photos with saving photos in JPG and RAW format, zoom up to 3x, shoot and interval shooting.

The remote control, operating at a frequency of 5.8GHz, is capable of transmitting data over a distance of up to 8km.

The drone is able to cope with wind gusts of up to 10m/s. It can fly along a route connecting the specified points. Also implemented are the functions of returning home, real-time GPS tracking, protection against falling into a no-fly zone, issuing warnings about strong winds and low battery power.


The dimensions of the FIMI X8 Mini when folded are 165x89x47mm, when unfolded – 200x145x56mm, which is almost identical to the dimensions of the DJI Mini 2. Without recharging, the device is able to stay in the air for up to 30 minutes (according to preliminary tests about 25 minutes). The maximum speed of the X8 Mini is 16 m/s.

Acceptance of pre-orders will begin on April 6, sales — on April 18. The drone is estimated by the manufacturer at $449.

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