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Vivo X60 Pro Review: The flagship for football fans

Vivo X60 Pro

Vivo has introduced a new mobile flagship – Vivo X60 Pro. The Chinese vendor created the X60 Pro in collaboration with Zeiss, which helped the manufacturer to realize its photographic capabilities.

The key features of the novelty, the developers of the smartphone, consider shooting in night mode, which is emphatically called the ultimate, as well as a professional stabilization system of the new generation. How close this is to the real sensations of a smartphone camera, I tried to figure it out during a quick test of the novelty.

Vivo X60 Pro

The company’s bet on the flagship is serious, if only because the Vivo X60 Pro has been announced as the official smartphone of the European Football Championship. The Chinese vendor managed to approve this decision with UEFA not only for the upcoming competition, but also for the next championship, which will be held in 2024. On the one hand, this achievement commands respect. On the other hand, it is obvious that in four years the current flagship will become noticeably outdated, and not only technically.

Now it is a smartphone, classic in its form factor, with a nice “blue pearl” color and a slightly beveled display with so-called “waterfall edges” on the sides. The design is still relevant, but at the same time familiar to users. The proprietary shell Funtouch OS creates a feeling of pleasant lightness, however, problems with the localization of inscriptions and fonts remain.

Vivo X60 Pro

The filling of the device can be considered modern, at least for the Snapdragon 870 processor. The engineers added a 12 + 3 GB RAM scheme, a display with support for a 120 Hz picture refresh rate, 256 GB storage and, of course, a block of several main lenses at once. cameras.

We still do not understand what is the ultimatum of night shooting during the test. In poor light conditions, the device takes pictures no better than analogs. Moreover, in case of a lack of light, the pictures are automatically obtained even better than in the special “night” mode.

Stabilization handles shake better when shooting video than when photographing. For users who seriously want to use Starry Sky Mode, a tripod is indispensable. The most attractive and rich in functionality from the point of view of image editing turned out to be the portrait mode.

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