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XGIMI MoGo Pro+ mobile projector Review


Mobile projectors are usually criticized for their limited functionality and mediocre picture. In the review we will test a new product – XGIMI MoGo Pro+. It has a high resolution, full Android TV 9 OS, a capacious battery – these are just a few of the model’s features.


The MoGo Pro+ is comparable in size to a portable speaker, and therefore easily fits into a small backpack or bag. The device weighs only 900 grams, so it is quite possible to take it with you to nature and arrange a movie show anywhere. You don’t have to put anything under the projector – a sturdy stand with a variable angle is mounted in the bottom of the case. There is a universal thread on the bottom that is compatible with most photo tripods.


Controls and features


Distinctive features of XGIMI are the ability to operate independently and a full-fledged Android TV 9 OS. It is enough to go through a few steps of the initial setup, and you immediately find yourself in a convenient shell adapted for control from the remote control. Wi-Fi password and Google account data do not have to be entered on the virtual keyboard. It’s easier to synchronize with a smartphone via Bluetooth in a couple of taps and all start-up settings will be copied automatically.

The interface performance is pleasantly surprising. The device reproduces 4K content on YouTube without the slightest lags and allows you to accurately get into the right fragments of long videos. All this is done with the remote control buttons. The complete remote control is notable for its built-in microphone and the Google Assistant call button. With its help it is convenient to dictate the names of films or TV shows. It searches all installed multimedia applications, including YouTube and Wink. The work of the other functions of the “Google Assistant” also raises no objections: the projector launches programs, prompts the weather, visualizes and announces the information found on the network.

For specific tasks, it is easy to connect wired or wireless peripherals: keyboard, mouse, gamepad. Controlling the projector from your phone is also comfortable – CetusPlay, Android TV Remote Control and others are suitable for this. For example, the advanced virtual remote Zank Remote displays everything that the MoGo Pro+ shows and gives you full control over it from a distance.

In general, the XGIMI gadget has a wide range of uses. It fully works without a laptop or smartphone, does not need to be connected to the online or outlet. Any video files are viewed from internal memory, from an external hard drive or flash drive. In addition, Wi-FI at 5GHz, Chromecast, HDMI connector are supported.

From the projector, you can play cartoons for children and remotely control playback without going into the nursery. It is easy to connect the gadget with an HDMI cable to a game console and hack into something on the big screen. And from any Android or iOS mobile phone, you will be able to quickly display photos on a large display. You can also arrange an intellectual game – just relay the corresponding application from your smartphone to the projector. It’s easy to run simple games on MoGo Pro + itself. In a working situation, the device will provide a spontaneous presentation in any room. Casting your Mac or Windows laptop screen via Chromecast is easy too.

There are no problems with content and additional software. There are over 5,000 applications in the official Google market for Android TV. In the OS parameters, with one tap, the restriction on the installation of third-party software is disabled – you can install APK from any sources.

The projector, besides perfect YouTube support, does a great job with other services. For example, with Wink, the device turns into a real TV, showing more than 200 TV channels. Netflix is ​​not officially supported, but it’s easy to install it in a minute using the XTV Manager utility from Google Play. True, in this case, the remote control will begin to function like a mouse – you can control it, but not as convenient as when working with the Android TV version.

Settings and customization


XGIMI MoGo Pro+ works on DLP technology and delivers honest Full HD. It automatically adjusts for sharpness and corrects geometric distortions itself. It is convenient that the gadget does not have to be placed against the wall. It is also not necessary to select a slope and bother with installation. The device can be randomly placed on the edge of the microwave and at an angle you can project a recipe from YouTube directly onto the kitchen cabinet near the stove – the picture, even in such conditions, will have perfect geometry and high definition. The device easily handles distortion-free projection onto the ceiling and back-through projection through fabric. Of course, if you have a screen and at least some kind of attachment, there will be no problems at all.

From a distance of 2.5 meters, the equivalent of a 78-inch TV is obtained. The image pleases with high sharpness throughout the field, the absence of overexposures in the bright parts of the frame, stepless display of gradients and smooth color transitions. All of this is comparable to a good IPS display, excluding shadow detail. Separately, we note the absence of flicker and rainbow effect. The pixel grid is almost invisible to the eye. Watching content through a projector is much more comfortable than on a regular monitor – your eyes don’t get tired even after hours of movie marathons.

XGIMI MoGo Pro+ is inferior to displays and powerful stationary projectors in only one thing – the margin of brightness. The XGIMI model delivers the claimed 300 ANSI lumens honestly. In terms of brightness, this is comparable to inexpensive LED-projectors. Only because of the need to cool the matrix, they are much more noisy than XGIMI MoGo Pro+, and they do not have mobility. A cool picture with such a brightness can only be obtained in complete darkness, projecting everything onto a white screen from a distance of about two meters. Arranging a movie show on a cloudy day is also not difficult if you curtain the windows. In the illuminated space, the projector will only be able to show a simple presentation with a white background and large contrasting elements. The device supports 3D mode (glasses need to be bought separately), but you shouldn’t seriously count on such a feature – the brightness is not enough.

Hardware features and autonomy


The AMLOGIC T950X2 processor, Mali-G31 graphics accelerator and 2 GB of RAM installed in the device are not impressive on paper. But, as experience has shown, the performance in multimedia tasks is excellent. The gadget easily plays high-definition video, which sometimes can hardly be reproduced by a not weak laptop.

Another plus is the almost silent operation. During all testing, the cooler was spinned to the maximum only when the firmware was updated. The cooling system operates at minimum speed while watching movies. You can’t hear it, even if you muffle the movie. By the way, about the sound. The built-in Harman / Kardon speakers have a good headroom. The speakers produce decent audio in the mid-high frequency range. This sound character is great for crisp and clear speech in TV shows or for listening to calm background music. When you need bass, it’s better to connect another Bluetooth speaker or more serious equipment to XGIMI MoGo Pro+, since there is an audio output.

And what about autonomy? If you open the tape in Full HD in MX Player, the projector will last two hours at full brightness without an outlet. In economy mode, the 4 hours stated by the manufacturer seems quite achievable. The projector is also capable of functioning in an energy efficient format like a Bluetooth speaker. In addition, the device allows you to recharge other gadgets from yourself.



The capabilities of XGIMI MoGo Pro+ can hardly be overestimated. This is a multifunctional device that gives the user complete freedom of action. Unlike other portable projectors, the XGIMI model is not limited by unsightly software, paid subscriptions or other restrictions. In addition, the gadget does not make noise, does not heat up and is able to do without an outlet. Those looking for a high-quality mobile projector can safely take a look at this option.


  • Brightness – 300 Lumens (ANSI)
  • Resolution – 1920×1080 (1080p)
  • 3D Support – Yes
  • Compatible Resolution – 2K/4K
  • Battery – 10400mAh
  • Dimensions – 145×105.5×94.5(mm)
  • Weight – 0.9kg

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