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Xiaomi introduced a functional smart toilet for $350

Xiaomi smart toilet

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has officially unveiled the smart toilet with DIIIB on its Youpin co-financing platform. The device will retail for $ 686, but at this stage it is being offered for only $350.

This toilet is an excellent solution to the problem of low water pressure, which makes it difficult to flush in one fell swoop. The DIIIB is equipped with a built-in two-motor pressure flush system. Compared to conventional smart toilets, the minimum water pressure is sufficient.

Xiaomi smart toilet

The smart toilet has a flush valve with pressurized technology and an innovative internal design that can cause the flush valve to open instantly to achieve a second flush speed with a large volume of water. After rinsing is complete, it closes quickly and automatically to save water. A smart toilet uses mechanical and physical controls to keep it clean even during a power outage.

Xiaomi smart toilet

The toilet has instant heating function, it supports remote control, pulse pressure flushing function, water heating, warm air drying, activated carbon deodorization, soft night light and other functions.

Xiaomi smart toilet also has an LCD display that shows the current water temperature.


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